Top 3 Muscle Building Stacks
Top 3 Muscle Building Stacks

All Top 3 Best Muscle Building Stacks Reviews of 2016!  Join as review various supplement options, the best muscle building techniques, product comparisons, and prices.


You Better Hit The Weight Room!

Let's start off with a quick sentence that you should say to yourself every time you walk into a gym.  We want you to have your mind right where it needs to be in order to achieve the best results.  Once you put on your gym shoes, say to yourself,

"Today, I am going to work out harder than anybody else in the world."  

This immediately puts your workout on a pedestal.  Something to take to heart is that a 30 minute, 110% intense workout is much better than a 2-hour training session where you are just throwing weights around at a convenient pace.  A great way to monitor your steps taken, calories burned, heart rate, etc, is through fitness wristbands.  These sports "bracelets" are modern day statisticians.  They keep tract of everything you do fitness wise and keep you motivated.  How you ask? They can be programmed to alert you when your heart rate drops too low.  Basically reminding you that you need to speed things up!  It's truley phenomenal in the workout industry.  View more on the best fitness wristband trackers on the market. 

There is no time to be lazy if you have a chance to make your dreams a reality.  Now let's talk about the best muscle building stacks available to you.   

Muscle building stacks are the combination of two or more of the best muscle building products used at once. Hence the name, "Stack".  All these supplements, working hand in hand, will help you make the most out of your work outs.  As a stack, they fuel your body and pump it full of everything your muscles need to reach and exceed your best and physical potential.  

Below is a picture which labels the main muscles of your body.  This is great to have because it gives you an idea of which muscles your are currently focusing on and which muscles you can probably work out a little more with your new stack. 

 Names of Different Muscles


Remember, if you fail to plan - you plan to fail. Learn which muscles you have, make a training regimen, get one of the best muscle building stacks below and get to work!

The following is a basic but great list of some of the best muscle building supplements that can be taken separately or used as a stack:   


 (Always consult your doctor before taking any supplements)

All the above work great on their own, but can you imagine your results if you were to stack them together?  Can you see the incredible mass and strength gains in your near future?  If you use correctly and work out hard for 1 month, you will see a HUGE difference!  You will probably be close to being in the BEST shape of your life. 

Ever wondered about taking steroids?  Although we do not promote it, we recognize it's strength.  Please read our article on the, Pros vs Cons on taking Anabolic Steroids.  

Work out cycles can range between 4-8 weeks depending on the size the muscle building stack.  This is strictly to give your body and liver a break.  After the work out cycle, take a month off of your stack and do it all natural (still take proteins and vitamins).  Are you getting excited yet?

All Top 3 has chosen the best muscle building stacks of 2016. These are based on consumer reports, safety, effectiveness, great taste and that are easy to consume.  So if you are trying to get jacked up and put on some real pounds of lean muscle, we highly recommend you give one of these best muscle building stacks below a shot.


Caution - Warning

Warnings and Cautions:  If you are new to working out, a stack may not be the best option for you. We suggest you let your body ease in to the use of supplements and different work out routines.  Check out our All Top 3 best muscle building supplements that do not involve stacks, but it offers the top of the line individual products to aid you on your journey to, "Beast Mode."    

Also, it should be noted that when taking extra supplements, you are putting your liver into overdrive.  Since this is the case we recommend not stacking more than 8 muscle building products and you must also drink tons water.  If you are stacking more than 8 different supplements, even "Meat Heads" will call you a Meat Head.  Also, try and lay off alchohol if you tend to drink a lot.  You don't need to give it up completely, but for best results, it is the right and safe thing to do.  

Make sure to also visit our, "Are Muscle Building Stacks Safe?" for more information, advice, and muscle building stack tips. 


Top 3 Muscle Building Stacks | Best Of 2016!

Top 1
MusclePharm Get Swole Stack
Overall Rating
Quality Ingredients
Company Reputation

Everything your body needs to grow muscle without having to take steroids. Seriously, check it out.

Below are the 6 tubs of muscle building goodness you will receive upon purchase

  • MusclePharm Combat Powder 4lbs
  • MusclePharm Recon 30 serv
  • MusclePharm Assault New Formula 30serv.
  • MusclePharm Armor V
  • MusclePharm BCAA 3:1:2 240ct.
  • MusclePharm Core Series Z-Core PM 60ct

MusclePharm Combat Powder 4lbs

This is the heart of your muscle building gains.  Scientifically proven, time-released, protein superfood. 

MusclePharm Recon - 1 month supply - 30 servings

RECON produced my Muscle Pharm is so special and important.  After you workout, you have roughly 30 minutes to eat something or your body starts pulling its nutrients from your muscles (WHAT YOU NEVER WANT TO HAPPEN)!   R.R.R.R.  Recon - Refuels, Replenishs, and Rebuilds your muscles during that first hour commonly known as the "anabolic window". 

MusclePharm Assault New Formula - 1 month supply - 30 servings

This is your new PRE-WORKOUT!  This will give you PURE ENERGY with long lasting, 8-hour sustaining energy and best of all - NO CRASH!

MusclePharm Armor V

Why does MusclePharm call this Armor?  Because it fortifies your body from WITHIN!  It has a complete and awesome source of 26 vegetables and fruits. Has all your daily vitamins and minerals to keep your body improving at its fastest natural pace.  There is more!  It offers antioxidants with immune support as it detoxifies your body with its ph-balancing formula. 

MusclePharm BCAA 3:1:2 240ct.

Why do you need BCAA's in a muscle buidling stack?  Simply put, your body is unable to make leucine, isoleucine, and valine.  The only way to receive these essential amino acids is to ingest them through food and/or supplement intake.  The three aminos listed above are considered the "building blocks" of the body.  Do you think you will receive optimal results without taking this? 

MusclePharm Core Series Z-Core PM 60ct

Last but not least.  Going down to building your body on a rock and not on sand.  Core series Z-Core promotes achieving a deeper sleep.  Why do we want this? When we sleep, when we REALLY sleep, it maximizes healing, tissue repair, hormone production, testosterone levels and muscle growth. 

And there you have it!  What a beautiful muscle building stack!

View Product Here

Top 2
MTS Nutrition Militia Stack
Overall Rating
Quality Ingredients
Company Reputation

We are pleased to present to you,  The MTS NUTRITION MILITIA MUSCLE BUILDING STACK!

Although this one is a little more on the pricey side, you get more bang for your buck with bigger tub sizes that should last you longer than a month's supply.  

What you will receive in this awesome stack:

-Whey Protein - A must have for muscle gains and growth.

-Clash - This is a pre-workout.  15-20 minutes before you workout, take a scoop and add it to your water or preferred juice.  You will notice an extreme change in focus, energy, and motivation to toss weights around like a football! 

-Machine Fuel - This is your essential BCAA's and amino acids supplement.  When you work out you are technically tearing down your muscles.  What rebuilds them?  PROTEIN!  What builds up natural proteins?  Amino Acids! Without these, you are holding yourself to a slow recovery process. 

-Drop Factor - A fantastic (not necessary) but great addition to this stack.  A lot of people here are focused on simply gaining muscle mass. But have you noticed sometimes that a smaller individual appears stronger and more bulky than someone who is actually bigger and has more strength?  It is because they have trimmed down their fat percentage. When you reduce your fat, you create "cuts" and "edges" to your muscles.  This in turns, casts shadows across your muscles which leads you to looking RIPPED! We are here to either build muscles for looks or for strength.  Why not both?  Add Drop Factor to your regimen. 

-Macrolution MRP - If you are interested in building muscle, you should be planning on having two protein shakes and 4 - 6  meals per day.  Turn one of your meals into a Macrolution MRP (Meal Replacement Powder) shake. With an array of fruits, vegetables, proteins, vitamins and minerals, this is a great way to keep your train pumping down the tracks towards your fitness goals. 

- Machine Greens + Multi Formula -  This is actually one of the first of its kind.  "Eat your greens, its healthy for you."  But greens didn't taste so good as a kid.  But we live in a new world these days.  With a great flavor, all demanded greens, and multi-vitamin formula,  your body will be performing at its best.  Hands down, no quetions asked.  This is the supplement where your health and wellness will be neck and neck with your new muscle gains. 


View Product Here

Top 3
Optimum Big Man On Campus Muscle Stack
Overall Rating
Quality Ingredients
Company Reputation

If you skipped the above key points in the initial article at the top of the page, here is a final, really quick recap and also a product review of what you should expect in a muscle building stack when pertaining to wanting to build lean muscle mass as quick as possible. 

You want to have at minimum:  Protein, Minerals, Vitamins, Time Released Protein, Amino Acids, and BCAA's.  

You may also want to incorporate a pre-workout supplement and creatine.  These will both increase workout stamina and create a nice solid pump throughout your workout. 

Below is exactly what you get in this particular muscle building stack:

    • ON Gold Standard Whey 2lb
    • ON Performance Pack, 30 packs
    • ON Micronized Creatine 300g
    • ON Gold Standard Casein 2lb
    • ON Amino Energy, 65 Serving
    • ON Fish Oil, 100ct.

View Product Here

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